03 December 2014

Worm de la book

I wish I had more time to read.  I love to read.  I devour books when given the chance.  But I don't give myself the chance very often because once I start a book I am done for until I finish it.  Everything else in my life gets put on hold.  I basically have no self control.  Minus the basically.

I've been doing a lot of reading about all the current controversy with the LDS church (what's new, right?  There's always controversy).  I have started to read Rough Stone Rolling, which is supposedly one of the most comprehensive biographies about Joseph Smith, who is the founder of Mormonism.  I can feel myself getting sucked in.  I have already read two chapters today AND I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THAT.  This book is a billion pages long and if I can't put it down this will be a problem.  If you don't hear from me on this blog for a while, will someone please check in on my husband and children to make sure they have plenty of peanut butter and jelly?  I will be in my room drowning out the world around me while I sip iced Dr. Pepper and shove my face with bon bons.

Side note: what exactly is a bon bon?  Do people really eat them?  Are the people who eat them rich and fancy?  Because that's how I've always pictured them for some reason.  People who eat bon bons definitely don't have dirty screaming children swarming around them. *sigh*

So back to reading.  I like it.  My lifestyle does not agree with it.  And me and my lifestyle are in a fight about that.  But I remind myself that there will come a day that my kids are all grown, and no one needs me to make them a sandwich, or read them a story, or help them with homework, and I will have plenty of time to read.

And my heart will long for that dirty swarm of children.

And I will still be pondering about what a ridiculously weird word swarm happens to be.


Emily S said...

Yay, I love reading too! One of my most favorite things about where I live is taking the subway to work - 45 minutes each way of uninterrupted reading time. (Also the public library is right by my train stop, extra bonus.)

Nikki (Have Joy) said...

Emily... That would be heaven to have 45 minutes each way of pure reading time!! Read for me!

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