13 October 2014


It's Monday.  Here are some things I'm thinking about:

1. I'm hungry but I don't feel like eating.  This happens to me every morning.  Lest you assume there are some positive counter-chubby benefits to this phenomenon, let me assure you there are not.
2. I posted on my blog EVERY DAY last week!  Are you impressed?  I am.  First time in years that I've done that, and it absolutely filled my soul with sunshine and glitter and skittles.  I need to keep it up.
3. I've got some new things ahead for Have Joy happening this week in collaboration with my sister Calee Reed.  Stay tuned.  No seriously.
4. My house is bordering on hoarder status and I am so good at thinking of reasons to let it stay that way.  Why is it that Sunday thrashes my house?  What is it about Sunday that is so ridiculously messy?  Come on, Sunday!  Give a girl a break!
5. The Mister ran to the store on Saturday and I told him we needed toilet paper and diapers.  Turns out we didn't need either.  Someone has misplaced my brain.  It's probably in my Sunday hoarder piles.  I'm never gonna find it.

And with that, I will leave you with this:
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Have a good day, friends!

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