08 October 2014

If Mama Ain't Happy...

When I was growing up, we had a plaque in our home that looked something like this:

I always laughed at how true it was from my perspective as the kid - that if my mom wasn't happy seriously no one in the house was happy.  Her mood affected (and possibly even dictated) our moods.

Now I am the mom.  I have so much power in my home.  I influence for good or for bad.  I teach how to respond.

That is so stressful!  It's so much responsibility!

I have noticed this happening in my home recently.  I've been getting in weird, funky moods for no apparent reason.  And when I'm stressed, it permeates to the entire family.  I've noticed that everyone is more uptight and irritable when I am more uptight and irritable.

And I'm realizing that I HAVE CONTROL.  I can choose to be happy rather than stressed.  I can choose to respond with patience rather than frustration.  And the more I choose to be happy, the more happy the entire mood in the home will become.

So the next time your kids are being feisty with each other, or being grumpy, or responding in anger, take a step back and evaluate your own mood.  There's a good chance your kids are picking up on your mojo and acting out your bad mood.

Choose to be happy.  Choose to pass along your happiness to your family.  You have the power!  Use it for good. 

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