07 October 2014

Hello Tuesday

I am setting a goal to start blogging more regularly.  I know, I know, you've heard it before.  I am going to start up my weekly Q&A sessions.  So here is the low down:
  • Send in any and all questions.  Could be about relationships, parenting, religion, anything that tickles your fancy really.
  • Every Thursday I will pick one question to post and answer, and all the readers can pipe in and give their thoughts and advice as well.
  • Note: this is not me doing therapy over the internet, this is not taking the place of seeking professional help if it is warranted.  If you are in crisis and having an emergency please dial 911 or contact your local authorities.
So that's that.  Maybe there's not as much demand for this now, but we will see!

In other news, it's October!  I love this month!  The weather getting chillier, the yummy smells, the pumpkin and apple and cinnamon, the excitement of the approaching holidays, I just love everything about this season.  

Except finding costumes for my kids.  Last year I decided I was going to make their costumes because I didn't want to spend the money buying them.  It should be noted that I use the word "make" oh so loosely.  I do not consider myself a crafty person at all, so "making" a Halloween costume was quite the stretch for me.  Turns out that making the costumes was a brilliant decision - not only did I spend hours and hours "making" their (not cute) costumes, I probably ended up spending more money than I would have had I just bought the costumes in the first place.  Here's a really poor quality picture as proof:

The girls were happy, so that's all that really matters.  But I will not be pretending to make any costumes again anytime in the near future.

So this year, Walmart came to the rescue.  Yes, our costumes have already been purchased.  I accidentally bought them early, which absolutely goes against my do-everything-at-the-last-minute rule.  What is happening to me?  Buying Halloween costumes a month early?  I need to reevaluate my life.  Next thing you know I'll be planning meals and getting enough sleep.

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