28 October 2009


Went to Mcdonald's last night with the kiddos.

Bug was playing with a girl she met at the play place, and when she came down for a water break I asked her what her new friend's name was.
Bug: Her name is Sparkle.
Me: Umm...her name is Sparkle? (who named her, my four year old?)
Bug: Yeah. Sparkle. Or diamond or something.

Then she ran off to play. Ok, have fun with Sparkle or Diamond or whoever.
Few minutes later, Bug came back to clarify. Turns out friend's name is CRYSTAL. hahahahaha. Oh the mind of a four year old works in magical ways.

Tune in tomorrow for a sexy Q&A that a reader sent in to me. I actually think this is a subject that many of you will relate to, and those of you who don't will have some feelings about it.

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Chewer Man has some sort of jaw problem, and has to strengthen it. 30 minutes a day with some sort of chewy exercise ball?? Weirder things have happened.

christa elyce said...

mwahhaha! thats so funny that Boy would notice something so funny!

SPARKLE! your family makes me laugh with your cuteness!


p.s. thanks for all the advice you really helped.

Rachael said...

I could forever be amused by Bug stories - man I miss seeing that girl (and Bear):) GREAT talking with you last night! Thanks so much! I am officially applying to grad school and am officially scared out of my mind! haha. Oh, and have I mentioned I LOVE waxing :)

Anonymous said...

Was the "brilliant" sentence a pun? If so, it was 2/3 of one...p-u

Sheena said...

At least Boy was quiet about it. My husband would have talked loudly so the other man could hear.

Amy said...

I love your blog design! It has a great design and layout. Very cute! :) Amy

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