02 June 2009


I'm in a bleh kind of mood.

Bleh bleh bleh.

I don't really like these moods.

And bleh I don't want to get dressed.

And bleh I don't want to go grocery shopping.

And bleh I don't want to do laundry.

And bleh.

Sorry this post is a bit of a downer!! haha. HAVE JOY, Nikki. HAVE JOY!!

Bleh bleh bleh.


Kari said...

I hope your day got better than just bleh. The "bleh" mood totally sucks! You can always come hang with us and the crazy chaos if you want! Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow at dance!

Anonymous said...

I feel that way lately too, bleh. Not relationship bleh... but me bleh :P

emily said...

I was feeling this way this weekend. I think it had something to do with being sick + plans fell through + boring weekend... I made up for it Monday after school by turning a new song on really loud and dancing around my room while my kids laughed and threw clothes at me. (PS. the song was the ting tings, that's not my name - a little annoying at first, but i think very catchy and very very fun to sing/yell while jumping/dancing around).

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