17 April 2009

I hate it.

So let's talk about how much I hate dropping my kids off with their dad.

Wait, let me rephrase that.

I love that my kids' dad is involved in their lives and that they love him.

And I also hate it.

But mostly I love it.

But a lot of times I hate it.

(Are you getting dizzy with my switchiness yet? And yes, switchiness is a word. Because I said so.)

Anyway, the last few weeks I have been able to spend way more time than usual with them. I've taken a few days off work each week, and just spent it with my girls which has been really fun but also makes it really a lot harder when they have to go away.



So. I don't have the girls this weekend. I should stay home and pay my bills. Or clean my house. Or sleep. Or get the brakes fixed in my car. Or catch up on any of the nine billion things that I am behind on.

But instead I'm going to sit here and blog.  And eat.

Happy day.


PDawg said...

Totally get the tug-of-war that goes on when you have to leave them... and for me, the back-and-forth meant I was either overwhelmed and exhausted and with them, or lonely and bored and missing them. :(

It's hard when you're grateful that they're so loved, but things are so much more complicated than that.

Caroline said...

Have fun in Vegas! Don't forget the old saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas......" Ha, ha, ha!

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