29 April 2009

Apples to Apples

You know how sometimes you'll be mindlessly eating an apple? And you're taking crunchy bites while you watch tv, or read, or clean the kitchen? And after a while you'll realize that you've been chewing the same chewy bite for a while, and you figure out that you forgot to take the little sticker off and you've been grinding it around in your teeth for like half an hour?

Yeah, that's pretty fun.

Or how about when it's 7 AM, and your kids are sleeping, and the house is quiet, and you're trying to figure out what to blog about today, and all of a sudden you hear your 4 year old screaming at the top of her lungs. Except she's not crying. She's yelling, "IF YOU HAVE A FROWNY FACE, DO NOT LET IT STAY! QUICKLY TURN IT UPSIDE AND SMILE THAT FROWN AWAY!!" And she's got the scratchy I just woke up voice going on, and you know she's just laying in bed, singing to her stuffed animals. Very loudly.

And it makes you smile from the inside.

Or how about when your sister gives you her facebook password so you can check out the profile of the new boy she's hanging out with? And you're really tempted to change her status to something like "I am a man," and send scandalous emails to all her ex boyfriends... But you figure that will result in you losing the Sister Password Privileges. Boo. Being mature can be so boring.

Or how about when you realize that all your friends who were pregnant at the same time as you when you had Baby #2 are all pregnant again? And a lot of them have actually already had another baby? And it makes you feel sort of sad that you're not even close to having another baby, and you wonder if you'll ever have that experience again?

And remember when blogging about that made you kind of sad? And made you feel like you were done blogging for the day? Word.


gtanderson1 said...

I know exactley what you mean about being pregnant. I can't believe I am done with that only after 2 pregnancies. It makes me feel sad to think about it.

Stephanette said...

I'm really liking Boy Wonder. My guy never did that! The only thing I can say about the baby thing is remember the first two weeks - my Lil Man didn't sleep - that always makes me happy with where I am now. I know there will be a new season soon.

Kylee said...

I like your stories about Boy Wonder. He sounds pretty wonderful so far (: I know what you mean about the pregnancy thing. All of my friends that I was pregnant with are all pregnant again. Then I have some of them building and buying homes. I am like wow I am no where near that now. I have taken so many steps backwards.

The Morgans said...

I hear you on the kid thing, you think that could/should be me and it is weird. You are going places and I/you HAVE to keep telling ourselves that when we look back later in life we will be amazed at what we were able to accomplish and that it will have all been worth it. BTW, just a hunch: the funk is probably from missing BoyWonder...am I close?!

Anonymous said...

You better post something bad about Boy Wonder, b/c he is sounding better and better and we are all wondering why you haven't sealed the deal yet.

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