17 January 2009

Love it

From the book Happily Ever After, by Kristin Armstrong:

"It is such a sorrowful waste of energy and spirit to grieve the woman you are not. Based on worldly standards, there will always be someone smarter, funnier, younger, thinner, wealthier, or prettier than you.

Reread that, soak it in. And then promptly get over it."

Wow I love this. Love love.


Anonymous said...

I love that too! Thank you for slways posting just what I need to hear!

THE HAGES said...

I love it! I just blew it up really really big and am going to put it on my bathroom mirror! You are the best Nikki! Totally Love You!

HammondFam said...

Awesome! I need to write that on my bathroom mirror so I can be reminded of this often! :)

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