08 July 2008

Thought of the day:

Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.
I've loved this quote for a long time, but I just realized something. I hope I'm never the pigeon. I mean, I hope I never crap on anyone. I mean, that would just be mean. And embarrassing.


S & K said...

Seriously that's a good point, I've liked that quote for a long time too, but never thought of it from that prespective. I'm with you I'll take the crap from people (of course not in a literal translation! :)) rather than 'crapping' on any one. Turn the other check right??

Nikki said...

Ah yes. Turn the other cheek. But does there come a point where you stand up and say, "that's enough, quit crapping on me?" I do think there is.

Amanda said...

Kind of a no win situation in that quote.

Neese Family said...

I have not learned when it is a good time to say "Stop crapping on me!!!" It makes me want to be the pigeon sometimes, but I still can't ever do it.

The Shaws said...


Anyway, Nikki, I love you, and I know that you know when you sent me a note with this quote (ha ha, that was a fun rhyme!) over 7 years ago, you were a little bit of sunshine through the thunderstorms I was facing at the time. Thank you for that.

The Shaws said...
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