24 June 2008


Ashby Family said...

Super Cute Nikki! I'll enjoy reading this one too!

Amanda said...

This picture and the quote are wonderful. That's so true about so many things in life.

Steve Hargadon said...

Hi, Nikki.

Some years ago, I was channel-surfing and stopped long enough on one show to hear the following words. I have no idea what the context was, or even what show it was, but I've used and quoted them many times since.

"It all ends well. If it's not well, it just hasn't ended yet."


Nikki said...

I've heard a quote similar to that before, and I remind myself of it often. It's a good thing to remember! Thanks.

Shawn and Brittany said...

I love your new blog..it looks super cute! And that scripture on the side is my favorite! I say it to myself all of the time...just to remind me that I really am suppose to have joy...Even when things do suck!! :)

Chantri said...

I'm so excited for this blog! I love the quotes and scripture. You are amazing!

Nikki said...

I love your blogs, Nikki. This quote made me think of one of my favorites that I heard in "Scrubs". (haha. best show ever!)

"Nothing in this life that is worth having comes easy." -Dr. Kelso in Scrubs

So true.

Neese Family said...

That is so true! I hadn't ever thought of things that way! Thank you for sharing!
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