10 November 2014

Freshly Picked Review & Givaway!

I am so excited to do this giveaway!  Freshly Picked Moccasins are a hot item these days, you don't want to miss out on the chance to win a free pair!  Here are my thoughts on these sweet little shoes:


  • Super cute (and whoa trendy these days)
  • Well made, quality product.  These moccs last a long time!
  • Comfortable.  My 3 year old loves her Freshly Picked moccs!  They are like slippers you can wear anywhere. :)
  • Easy to get on, and won't fall off baby feet.  Win win.
  • Pricey ($60/pair)
  • Not the best for winter weather.  I do put socks on my 3 yr old with them when it's chilly, but she prefers to wear them when it's warmer.
  • Soft sole.  This is technically a pro and a con.  Pro for smaller babies who learn to walk better with soft soled shoes, con for older kids who want to climb rocks and hike over branches who might need a more sturdy sole.
Overall, I give this product two giant thumbs up! (And I have some pretty big thumbs.)  Thanks to Freshly Picked for teaming up with me to do this giveaway!  

HERE'S HOW TO ENTER (On Instagram):
**US Residents only (currently living in the US)
**Winner can't have won any other Freshly Picked Giveaway in the past 60 days
1. Follow @nikki_havejoy
2. Tag a friend on my original post (additional entries for additional friends tagged!  Tag away!)
3. Repost my giveaway picture on Instagram with the hashtag #havejoyfp

May repost picture/hashtag every 24 hours, one additional entry per post!

And that's it, my loves.  I wish all of you could win!  Happy posting!

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