24 October 2014


mental health, therapy

It's Friday.
Bless America.

I saw clients yesterday.  A lot of them.  And it's always a humbling experience to sit in with people in their darkness, to honor their pain.  It is frustrating to watch people sit in their problems like a hot tub and just swim around in them for a while without doing anything to get out of the hot water.  And it is amazing to watch people shift their thinking, rewrite their stories, and turn their heartaches into beautiful strengths.  Seeing clients makes me reevaluate myself and my relationships, and reminds me that though our gender, or race, or religion, or sexuality, or marital status, or income may be different, we all share the same basic human experience.

Every person is seeking meaning and happiness.  The details are different, the big picture is the same. That's what it all boils down to.

How are you coming along on that search?


Anonymous said...

So I originally found your family blog many years ago because I was friends with Brad and his buddies at Rick's. I loved reading your thoughst when you began H-J. Yes, I am nosy... and also I wanted you and your girls to find happiness. I had this feeling this week to check H-J and low and behold... you are back and awesome as ever! I love seeing your progresion... you are seriously an educated woman and know how to write well! Thanks for sharing your insite into relationships! I'm glad you are back and mostly.. I am glad you are happy and at peace. Third time is the charm! ;)

Nikki (Have Joy) said...

Anonymous-- Thanks for your comment! Random that you felt like you should check this blog and here I am back to writing again! I'm glad you're back to reading again :) Thanks for your kind words and wishes for happiness. I am definitely happy and peaceful these days! I hope you keep reading!

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