29 October 2014


 Have you ever had a day you would like to do over?  Not because it was amazing and wonderful, but because you had some glaring not great moments that you would like to erase and try again?  That was me yesterday.  I went to bed feeling like there were so many moments that I would have gotten a big fat F on.  Good thing we have tomorrows.  And I'm sorrys.  And loving kids and husbands who forgive.  My sweet 2 year old has gotten in this phase where she will spontaneously come put her hands on both of my cheeks, look into my eyes, and then slowly kiss me on the cheek and smile.  I feel like I might die from loving her too much every time she does it.  It has a way of snapping me out of my crazy and bringing me back to the moment where I can recognize what is important and let the other things go. 

So today is my chance to redeem myself from the day of F's I had yesterday.  To choose not to listen to the voice of failure in my head, and to try again.  And again.  And again. And to remind myself that it's ok that I am not perfect.  I don't need to be perfect.  I just need to be trying.  And I am really really good at trying.


Alexa Bryn said...

Always good to know I'm not alone in my not so great parenting/wife/life moments, but I sure am trying! Porter will randomly throughout the day just look at me and say "mom, I luf you" and you described that feeling so well, like a snap out of the crazy; I think those two year olds are way more perceptive than we give them credit for sometimes :)

Nikki (Have Joy) said...

It is always nice to know that you're not the only one feeling like a failure sometimes! And I agree, two year olds (and our kids in general) teach us way more than we could ever teach them. I'm a firm believer in that. :) Thanks for your comment, Alexa!

Mandi Roth said...

Your 2 year old is so cute! I love how sweet she is and a great reminder of love and to smile. I love your message about trying. That's all we are to do, is try. Your so awesome, and i love reading your posts, i always want more. haha.

Nikki (Have Joy) said...

@Mandi, you are so sweet! You always leave such nice comments and they lift my spirits. :)

Laurel said...

The day you wrote this was a big fat F day for me too. :( I am also grateful for tomorrows I'm sorrys and loving and forgiving children and husbands. I'm grateful for you Nikki. You bring comfort, hope, love, and encouragement through everything you write! Thank you! :)

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