20 May 2013

My Toes are Tired

Dear Life,
You love to keep me guessing.  Love to switch it up, make sure I don't get too comfortable in one place.  You keep me on my toes.  Well, as stated above, MY TOES ARE TIRED.

I would really appreciate some normalcy.  Some boring.  Some normaboringlcy.

I would really like a giant, ice cold Dr. Pepper right now.  But I drank my last one a few days ago!  My life is so hard sometimes! I need a Dr. Pepper fountain in my kitchen.  A never ending supply.  That would be fabulous.  Also while I'm making ridiculous requests, I would also like a sweet little girl fairy to clean my house and cook my dinners and do my laundry.  Actually, if we're making requests then instead of a sweet little girl fairy let's make it a hot, muscled man fairy.

Minus the fairy part. 

1 comment:

Liz said...

I would love to be able to be your fairy of some sort!

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