30 August 2010

Brain Cells

Question: How many times in the last 5 months has Nikki shattered the screen on her iPhone?

Answer: Two.

Which also happens to be the amount of brain cells Nikki is working with lately.


Megan & Alex said...

Oh no! I hope you got it fixed! Miss yours blogs :)

Mandi said...

oh no!! :(

Ashlee's Annals said...

Holy Crap your husband is Sam from Sammy's in Provo. Yes? I just saw his picture on CJane's blog and was like, I think I have seen him somewhere before and now it's all coming together! Did I just blow your cover? If so, delete this. If not, OWN UP!! The pie shake? Are you kidding me?! So worth a post!

awe-organic said...

Speck (rubberish) covers will save the iPhone from damage. :)

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