28 June 2010

My Sunday

So I didn't have the greatest day yesterday. Well, that's not true. It was a good turned not so good day. Early morning with the kids so we can BE AT CHURCH at 8:30 in the morning. That's right.

And it's always fun when you get there there perfectly on time (definitely a challenge when I live a solid 15 minutes away...oh, and did I mention it's at 8:30? Right), and then attempt to get out of the car when 3 year old sweetness refuses to put on her church shoes. She absolutely must wear her red Snow White heels. Naturally.

If we were going to Wal-Mart, or Target, or Ross, or any of the other obviously high end stores I frequent, then I would just let her wear them. Yes I'm the mom with two scraggly kids wandering behind me in dirty, ripped princess dresses, hair all askew, high heeled play shoes clunking along, and hot pink lipstick on their faces. Oh, and big fat smiles and happy hearts. :) But to church? I've gotta draw the line. Smiles and happiness are not allowed at church.

So I tell her she has to put her church shoes on. At which point she has a complete meltdown. So I carry her (kicking and screaming) to the front door of the church. Then realize I can't take her inside like this. When she does this I take her OUT. So we sat outside. For a solid 15 minutes.

Stubborn females run in the family.

Finally gave in. Yay.

Then I taught a lesson on Christlike Communication in Young Women's. That was fun.

Anyway, hung out with the kidlets--popcorn and Little Mermaid, painting fairy lands, reading books.

And wow it feels good to write again. Happy Sunday. :)


Tiffani said...

We've missed you, welcome back. It's a bummer we have to pick our battles huh. Sorry about your not so good, terribly awful rotten no-good day. At least it wasn't super hot yet while you waited out the tantrum!

rebecca said...

glad to have you back

Kristin said...

Yes so glad to have you back! And I am so sorry your day was bad! I was so wrapped up in my own kid drama I didn't even think to ask you how you were doing, you are so good at hiding it with your gorgeous smile!

Chris and Lisa said...

Yay..your blogging again. we have missed you!! Sorry about your bad day but as Kristin said, you hide it beautifully because we even passed you on the way into church and you were smiling and happy (while I was rolling my eyes about my own ill-behaved children). Here's to a better Sunday next week....for both of us :)!

Mandi said...

Yay!! your blogging again. It is good to write and it is healing for so many things. Maybe i should do the same thing. :) Sorry your Sunday was a little crazy, next week will be better.. I hope your hubby is home soon. :)

Lissy said...

I've missed your blogs. Smiles and happiness are not allowed at church! You know how to get people interested and talking. How many comments were there on that post about toilet seat covers? 30? Ha ha! I think about that whenever I use a public restroom. I bet you're a great teacher. You would probably be great teaching that class - you are a great communicator! Nobody has a perfect history. :)

Cristi said...

Brooke wears her fancy dress up minnie mouse shoes to church sometimes. I've had people be surprised that I let her, but it's all good! it's not hurting anything!

rookie cookie said...

Oh boy, sounds like Jack. I found him this old school Army jacket at DI last fall and he has been in love with it ever since. Lately, he has worn it everyday. I mean EVERYDAY. I am over it.

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