14 September 2009

I Asked God...

I asked God for strength,
He gave me difficulties to make me strong.
I asked God for wisdom,
He gave me problems to solve.
I asked God for prosperity,
He gave me brain and brawn to work.
I asked God for courage,
He gave me danger to overcome.
I asked God for love,
He gave me troubled people to help.
I asked God for favors,
He gave me opportunities.
I received nothing I wanted,
And everything I needed.


LaPetitePeony said...

This is so great! Do you mind if I repost, I'll be sure to credit you!


Nikki (Have Joy) said...

Repost away! :)

LaPetitePeony said...

Thanks Nikki!! :)


Chris and Lisa said...

goosebumps...The end!!!

...Mrs.P! said...

Love it! Want to stick it on my fridge!

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