04 August 2009

Ode to Dr. Pepper

Top 10 Reasons I Want to be Mrs. Dr. Pepper:
10. My mom would love it if I married a doctor
9. He cheers me up on hard days
8. He never talks back to me
7. I've always had a thing for the brown ones
6. He makes a lot of money
5. Everyone knows him
4. Red looks good on me
3. He adds flavor to my life
2. He always hits the spot
1. I'm fairly certain that no one in the world loves him more than I do.

My favorite way to drink the heavenly nectar:
Ice cold can, poured into a cup of ice, with a straw. I swear this is the best way to drink Dr. Pepper. Honestly I think it tastes different from a bottle or a fountain. The stuff from the fountain just isn't as...potent...or something. Wish I was kidding right now. Totally not.

Go enjoy a Dr. Pepper in my honor everyone. Savor it, my friends. Savor it.


Leslie said...

You are so funny Nikki!! I think you should see one of your colleagues about this little obsession you have : ) haha

Rachel said...

When I was little, my aunt and uncle were Dr. Pepper FANATICS...they had crazy amounts of DP memorobilia - it was ridiculous. And they made me wear a baby hoodie that said "I'm a Pepper." Here's the closest I could find online: http://www.olddocs.com/product.aspx?id=151&up1=150&up2=149&up3=0&cat=Clothing&subcat1=T-Shirts&subcat2=

I think you need this.

starz916 said...

You are so right!!! My favorite is a DP from a cooler of ice, preferably been chillin in there for a good 3 hours or so. And you have to poor it in the ice, and its so cold it's almost frozen. Mmmmm. Any other way tastes watered down. =)

Domestically Sassy! said...

I feel the same way about Diet Pepsi...ohhhh, how I love the stuff!

Tierra said...

That's funny. I always thought the best DP came from a bottle. Not the big one either. I love the individual size nice and ice cold. It has the most fizz for me. Once a can is poured over ice it loses that fizz.
I would have to fight you for the place as Mrs. DP;-)

Morph This said...

so i hate to burst your bubble, but i may be giving you a run for your money to play the part of mrs. dp. i can't function without it.. i could probably take it intravenously, and my home is stalked with it. at all times.

ice cold straight from the can is the best it gets, but don't doubt the fact that almost daily you will see me with a 32 (occasionally 64) ouncer from ampm in my hand. that is my daily exercise. getting my dp. even when it is stocked in my fridge.

however, you and i have been on many dates together.. so i don't mind dating the same soda.

Nikki (Have Joy) said...

Oooh...sounds like we've got a little competition for the same love... let's settle it by arm wrestling.

S and K said...

OH how I love me some Dr. P, a.k.a sweet nectar of the Gods!!! We have had a love affair that has lasted the ages, expect for in H.S. when I broke up with him & had a constant headache for 2 weeks & I knew I had done the wrong thing & ran straight back into his loving cold embrace!!! :) And how I CRAVED it like no one’s business when I was pregnant with my 1st, Horkley's (remember Horkley's??) was my very best friend. I then too had to break it off for a LOOOOOONGGGG 8 or so months---just so the baby didn't come out holding a can! haha But we have re-united again & this time I thinks it’s for keeps! Ice cold from the can in a glass with crushed ice (has to be crushed) with a straw is HEAVEN for sure!!!! I think I might need to go drink the last one in my fridge RIGHT NOW!!! Is this long enough?????? :) As is evident I have some strong feelings for the Pepper!

Ashley said...

The best drink EVER!! I wish I could steal this post and put it on my blog! I love Dr. Pepper that much too! How about Pibb Xtra? I love that too!

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