01 April 2009

As By Fire

1 Nephi Chapter 22, verse 17*:

"The righteous need not fear...they shall be saved, even as by fire."

This is pretty much guaranteeing that if we are righteous, we will face trials--we will go through fire. That in order for us to be saved we must be refined, as by fire, through our trials.

So even (or especially) if we are doing everything right, we can expect a little heat.

Or a lot of heat.

And we can know as we are sweating, and burning, and changing, and crying, and praying, and hurting, and growing, that we are being strengthened. And purified. And tested. And saved.

*This scripture is from the Book of Mormon. To learn more, click HERE.
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Julia Kelly said...

it's like christmas everyday with you updating your blog so often! yeah!

love the insight.

KateHargadon said...

Hey look up this scripture. It's one of my favorite: john 16:33

Caroline said...

I love this post! So true, so true! It's funny because most of us think that if we are being righteous, that we should be spared from any trials. But, that is so wrong, so wrong!


Glad to see you back in full swing on this saucy blog! Love it!

amber buhrley said...

Hey Nikki-So this is Sam's sister Amber! Remember me? I looked at your blog tonight and saw your link to your have joy blog? Am I a blog stalker? Probably! But I am so glad I did! You are amazing! Seriously. I have probably spent a little too much time on it right now but I might have gotten a little hooked. I am so impressed by so many things you have said, the way you say it, the honesty, the response to some not so nice anonymous commenters, etc, etc. I cant even imagine all that you have gone through. So many times you here about people going through crappy, crappy things and they close up, or self loathe and I love how you have turned it into something good. I know I don't know you all that well but of what I do know I think you are amazing! Keep doing what you are doing because you inspire so many people! I felt like I wanted to make so many comments at so many different times of thoughts I had about your blog...but just know I think it is truly great!

Cardalls said...


My favorite story on the refiner's fire.

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