26 March 2009

Introducing Bug

So I have intentionally avoided putting pictures or stories of my kids on this blog up to this point. I just thought I'd keep the family stories and pictures on my personal blog, and keep this blog more not-personal. haha. Mostly because I think some people (aka anyone who is not related to me) probably get bored of kid stories and pictures all the time. And also just to keep the pictures and names of my kids a little more private. Hence the threat to make my personal blog private like a year ago. Which I still have yet to get around to.

I have since decided that my kids bring me a lot of joy (also a lot of sleepless nights, crabby evenings, messy kitchens, ruined clothes, sticky hands...you get the picture), and that because of that I would be leaving out a very big piece of me by not posting about them on this blog. So, I'm going to do it. I'm just not going to use their real names, or put actual pictures of them on this blog. Done and done.

Allow me to introduce you to my 4 year old, Bug. She is quite the little character. Today during nap time she decided that she did not want to sleep. She knows she has to stay in her room during nap time, and is usually pretty good at it. Today she would scream at me (since she knew she had to stay in her room and needed to make sure I could hear her requests for exit from across the hall where I was trying unsuccessfully to rest) various reasons she needed to be done with naptime. Her reasons included:
  1. She needed a snack
  2. She was thirsty to death
  3. She had to go to the bathroom
  4. It was 14:30 (apparently that is when naptime is over in Bug Land)
  5. She wasn't tired, you Stupid Lady (that would be me)
I just kept telling her to get on her bed, naptime would be over soon, and it would probably be over quicker if she actually napped. Which she apparently didn't believe.

When naptime was over I went in to get her. I asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom. She said,

"No. I went pee in my trash can."



I just nodded my head at her ingenuity, and what that thought process must have looked like:
I'm stuck in my room. Really have to pee. Stupid Lady doesn't believe me. I'll get in trouble if I leave my room. I'll get in trouble if I pee on the floor. THERE MUST BE ANOTHER WAY! Aha! Empty trash can. Just in the knick of time.

I wasn't even mad. My child is a prodigy. A trash can peeing genius. I'll just make sure to leave a roll of toilet paper in her closet for next time.


Anonymous said...

Did she actually go pee in her trash can?? That is hilarious!

The Naven Family said...

That is hilarious! :)

Rachel said...

I get that excuse alot "I have to pee." She is quite brilliant to think of a solution on her own.

The Wadman's said...

Smart girl!

Neese Family said...

That is the one I always give into! I get it a lot, and it probably isn't the case, but I hate cleaning it up! Kids never cease to amaze me! They come smater and smater all the time!

emily said...

that is funny. i always have a hard time believing any excuses my kids have, mostly because i think they are getting good at them by practicing on easy-going grandparents. my big question would be how do you get her to take a nap still? milo has been out of that and some days i wish he weren't for sure.

Julia Kelly said...

i've read this stroy a few times now and it still makes me laugh. especially how bug refers to you as 'stupid lady.' which i know isn't nice, but funny coming from a 4 year old. really 4? didn't she just turn 2?

amber buhrley said...

This is the first time I have ever tried to comment on someone's blog-But this is Nancy, Sam's mom and I laughed so hard when I read this. Because when Sam was little, he used to sleep walk alot! One night I heard him walking around, and I heard a noise of water running, when I got up, there was a small trash can in the kitchen with pee in it- of course he didnt remember it. Ha Ha- we got a good laugh!

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