12 June 2008
Every Thursday I do a Question & Answer post.

Here's how it works:
  • Readers send me questions about pretty much anything that has to do with relationships and/or life (email havejoy(at)ymail.com)
  • Question topics may be: Marriage, parenting, sex, money, friends, happiness, anger, death, loneliness, dating, monkeys, etc... You get the picture.
  • I choose one question per week, and post the question along with my answer on Thursdays.
  • All the amazing readers of this blog get to put in their two cents/experience/different point of view about the question (and answer) that was chosen.
  • This usually makes for pretty interesting discussion, as well as giving lots of different ideas and advice to the person who submitted the question.
Click HERE if you are interested in submitting a question.

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